Mainland Greece


Greece means caves! All kind of Caves. From amazingly-decorated sea caves that remind you of Mexico, to pure, untouched, mountain springs. Giant rooms to tight tunnels. With an average visibility better than the old continent standards and the extra benefit that a cave diving trip could double also as a vacation for the entire family, could Greece be Europe’s newest Cave country?

The fact that Greece is not connected to central Europe by an “easy drive south”, unlike Italy or the Lot region in France, has kept it off the map for many European cave divers who felt (wrongly) that the dive sites were too complicated to visit. As a consequence of being ‘neglected’ in this way the caves here feel fresh and unexplored to most divers who have been so many times everywhere else; cave divers love the sport for many reasons, but they all share the joy of being somewhere rarely visited, if even visited at all.

Even though 100% unexplored Caves are not common even in Greece, rarely-visited spots are plentiful. Caves with unmarked passages, or even entire branches, are here to be “discovered”.

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